class socceraction.atomic.vaep.AtomicVAEP(xfns=None, nb_prev_actions=3)#

An implementation of the VAEP framework for atomic actions.

In contrast to the original VAEP framework 1 this extension distinguishes the contribution of the player who initiates the action (e.g., gives the pass) and the player who completes the action (e.g., receives the pass) 2.

  • xfns (list) – List of feature transformers (see socceraction.atomic.vaep.features) used to describe the game states. Uses xfns_default if None.

  • nb_prev_actions (int, default=3) – Number of previous actions used to decscribe the game state.

See also


Implementation of the original VAEP framework.



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Tom Decroos, Pieter Robberechts and Jesse Davis. “Introducing Atomic-SPADL: A New Way to Represent Event Stream Data”. DTAI Sports Analytics Blog. # noqa May 2020.